KTC (Kadi Trading Company) is a Saudi national retail chain stores that provides all camping equipments and kits of International standards covering almost every city in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

KTC offers high quality brand products for camping and outdoor experience under one roof in its stores. Products include Wide Variety of Tents, Sleeping Bags, Trolleys, Tables & Chairs, Cooking & Kitchen Requirements, Lightings Equipments, Portable toilets, and a long list of camping Tools & Accessories.

Moreover, KTC uses one of the best local courier companies to ensure its customers receive the best possible shipping services, at the lowest rates, to all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Occasions is the Arabian Gulf Region leading specialist in proving the highest quality of event turnkey solutions. The company has had the privilege of working on a long list of the top events in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arabian Gulf Region. Occasions can deliver a standalone structure or fully serviced event solutions to the client exact requirements.

Whatever the occasion – private or corporate, for royal reception or wedding – Occasions undertakes and develops event solutions from the design and conception, to the products supply and decoration, ensuring a truly sensational and unique event experience.

With an extensive in-house inventory of events products and an unparalleled level of services through unlimited resources, Occasions ensures the client occasion is a success.

kadi Agriculture

KAC (Kadi Agriculture Company) is a landmark in agriculture business in Saudi Arabia. The company was founded in 2009 and has several farms under management all across the Kingdom proudly serving the market with wide range of top-segment food products that includes: vegetables, fruits, grains, honey, and dates all packaged in-house.

KAC operates a self-owned cold-chain distribution network and managing a growing fleet of multi-temperature controlled vehicles, KAC strives to better serve its customers and meet their needs for fresh and quality products around the year.